Upper Saddle River, NJ, December 15, 2003 — Charles F. Goldfarb’s XML Handbook™, the leading XML resource with 100,000 copies in print, is now available in a revised and expanded Fifth Edition. The new book totals more than 1,250 pages, covering the full breadth of XML applications, tools, and technologies that are revolutionizing Web services, e-business, and software development. The XML Handbook is the centerpiece of Prentice Hall PTR’s Charles F. Goldfarb Definitive XML Series.

“So much has happened because of XML since the last edition, that we had to write a new book,” said Dr. Goldfarb, the father of the markup language technology used in XML. “XML now affects everything, from business areas like supply chain and demand chain management to programming and Web infrastructure—even the desktop!”

Part One is a 150-page non-technical introduction to XML that makes the body of the Handbook accessible. The introduction establishes hype-free, standards-based concepts and terminology that are used consistently throughout the book. Like the earlier editions, which were translated into five foreign languages, this edition is written to communicate to managers, content developers and technical readers alike.

There are sixteen parts on applications referred to by InfoWorld as “core back-end technologies for the new I-business paradigm,” and which are illustrated with case studies and implementation tools. These cover key developments like Web services, VoiceXML, XML databases, desktop XML, and the Semantic Web. Additionally, there are 190 pages of tutorials on newly revised and finalized W3C specs like XSL, XSLT, XLink, Xpath, schemas, and namespaces—plus 135 pages of tutorials on the XML language itself.

Industry experts from leading XML providers and users participated, including household names like Adobe, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft.

Included with The XML Handbook are two CD-ROMs containing 200 free XML software packages, trial versions of major XML products, and a library of XML-related specifications.

About the Authors

CHARLES F. GOLDFARB is the father of XML technology. He is the inventor of SGML, the Standard Generalized Markup Language on which both XML and HTML are based.

PAUL PRESCOD is a leading XML software developer, trainer, and consultant. He was a member of the W3C group that developed XML.

About the Definitive XML Series

Prentice-Hall's Charles F. Goldfarb Definitive XML Series is the world's leading XML book series. It includes such best-sellers as “Definitive XSLT and Xpath” (Holman), “Definitive XML Schema” (Walmsley), “Definitive XML Application Development” (Garshol), “Definitive XSL-FO” (Holman), and the forthcoming “XML in Office 2003” (Goldfarb and Walmsley).

Pricing and Availability:
Charles F. Goldfarb’s XML Handbook, 5/e by Charles F. Goldfarb and Paul Prescod.  Prentice Hall PTR, 2004.
Paper: ISBN 0-13-049765-7 $49.99US. Available now.

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